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Our Ruffles & Bowties story starts here, with you, landing on this webpage.

 Here at Ruffles & Bowties, we aren't a business, we are a community and YOU helped create that community with us.  By browsing our website, checking out with an cart filled with something special for someone you love, or just hanging around our Instagram, you are apart of our village. Without you, there would be no US & for that we couldn't be more grateful. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


Our personal story (before we met you) started with a dad (also a grandfather) who gave us inspiration of what entrepreneurship & determination looked like, the hardest working man we knew. It took a mom and a daughter,  and a little extra zest to start up a small Facebook Buy Sell Group, where ruffled leg warmers & all things cow & camo would take off (much to our surprise).  We went through a few rounds of trial and error after attempting to expand our business with what we thought parents would love for their kids. Yes we were wrong many times and we still have  some of that inventory hanging around as a reminder of where we were then and where you have brought us today.


After deciding that Camo & Cow print, and ruffled leggings weren't our "forever" style, we developed our Kryssi Kouture line, the heart of all things girly. For the love of lace, pearls and a well placed bow - Our Kryssi Kouture line up would forever include dainty details and twirlable tulle creating outfits that were made for life's most special moments. First Birthday outfits & Flower girl dresses were our favorite.


Five years later (with a hidden bin STASHED away of all my favorite tulle girls outfits) I was graced with the Name “BOY MOM". What would a world without pearls, tulle and oversized bows look like?
That's where  Our Theo & Me line began - an extension to our already lovable Kryssi Kouture Line. 


Our feisty little "Theo Bear" entered the world March of 2022. He became the icon and driving passion for our "Theo & Me" line. In a world full of trucks, dinosaurs, dogs and all things blue, we were determined to create boys outfits from preemie to toddler that were  gender neutral, FUN and spoke to our love of outdoors. 

Life with Theo has always been a "little wild", not at all what we expected having a new baby. It's true that life is a beautiful, wild adventure and 
we are ready to continue to embrace it as a family & community together as we continue to grow. 


 Our mіѕѕіоn іѕ to be уоur ONE STOP BABY SHOP wіth the оbjесtіvе tо рrоvіdе оur сuѕtоmеr wіth thе latest trends, product quality, best service experience, guidance аnd and we cant forget price.

You will see that many items we carry are part of our Kryssi Kouture line. Please meet Miss Kryssi Kouture (BOY MOM) herself. Here at Ruffles & Bowties, we are proud to offer the Kryssi Couture Collection! Kryssi & her design team know that dressing up isn’t just for playing super-heroes or tea parties! Our passion is to offer ruffles, bigger bows, & a little glam filed with twirl-able tulle creating the perfect outfits to capture those tiny but important details that will create moments to last a lifetime! For the love of pearls, lace & a well-placed bow, you can trust Kryssi Kouture to bring you only the sparkliest & couture of outfits for your little babes!