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Tips for Planning the Perfect Kids Birthday Party

Tips for Planning the Perfect Kids Birthday Party


It’s crazy how much we want to make things absolutely perfect for our children’s birthday.  It is the day that our life was turned upside down when they entered this world.  My fondest memories are of my own birthdays and how my parents always went out of their way to make it special.  I strive to do the same for my children.  Here are some tips for planning the perfect birthday party for your little one: 

Themes are important.  When you finally decide on a theme, the rest just comes together so nicely and easily.  Themes are a great way to make your party look cohesive.  It also sets the tone for a great party.  When you have a theme in mind, you can start to generate awesome ideas for decorations, what kind of cake to serve and it also gives your guests an idea of what your kid would like for a present.  If you have a unicorn theme party, you will be sure to get a lot of unicorn-like gifts!

Not sure on a theme? Ruffles & Bowties has an array of colors and themes ready for you to explore! Check out these must have themes HERE

Keep it short and sweet.  Kids have a very limited attention spam so its best to keep it short and sweet.  It helps ensure that you end the party on a high note.  When parties go too long, children and even the parents get restless.  Two hours is the perfect amount of time for a party for young children.  This is enough time to do a quick fun entertainment or activity and then cake and presents. 

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Choosing the perfect venue.  Picking a place to host your birthday party can be difficult.  Here are some things to consider.  If you choose to rent a venue to host your birthday party, this can become costly.  But you don’t have to worry about cleaning your house or the party afterward, there may be entertainment already provided at the venue as well as helpers to help with setting up and tending to your guests.  If you want to host your party in your home, you want to make sure that your home is big enough to accommodate all your guests.  It is also nice to have it at home if you are throwing a birthday party for a little one because keeping it in a place that they know well helps keep them calm.  Another bonus is if they are fussy for a nap, their crib is close by.  Plus you don’t have to worry about forgetting anything because you are already at home!

& Don't forget the perfect party checklist!

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Unique & Fun Summer Birthday Themes

Unique & Fun Summer Birthday Themes

Summer birthdays are a blast to celebrate!  You can celebrate outside and the warm weather gives you a lot more options to choose from.  If you are looking for a unique summer birthday theme that people won’t forget, you have come to the right place.  There are so many different and fun summer birthday themes to choose from, but here are some exceptional options:

  1. Mermaid Kitty.  Who doesn’t love mermaids and kitties?  When you mash them together, it is even more adorable and cute.  A mermaid kitty party is definitely one that people will remember for a while.  Add cute mermaid elements with kitty ears.  Take a look at our Girls Mermaid Sequin & Tulle Tutu Romper.  This ensemble is perfect for a mermaid theme.  All you need to do is add cat ear headband to complete the look!  Color her nose and add some whiskers for that extra cuteness. 
  2. Water fight! Want to enjoy the warm summer weather but don’t have a pool?  A water fight is perfect!  Add a bunch of water balloon stations throughout your backyard, with water guns and refill stations.  Designate areas as “safe zones” so that people who are not playing don’t get wet.  This is such a fun and easy party to put together.  All the kids have so much fun and it’s a great way to cool off from the summer heat.

3. Pineapple Party. Not only are pineapples delicious, but they are also super cute too.  Who knew a fruit could be such a lively décor piece?  And its perfect theme for a summer birthday party.  With a lush color palette of pink, green and yellow, this is a beautiful color scheme to incorporate into your party décor.  Add pineapples filled with flowers and funny sunglasses as tabletop décor with yellow and green balloons.  You can also give birthday goodie bags in yellow cups with gifts wrapped in green tissue paper.  There are so many ways to include a pineapple element to your birthday party theme

4. Retro Beach Ball Party. A retro touch is always chic and sweet for a party theme.  Add retro beach balls throughout the party.  You can add them on the invitation, small beach balls can be table centerpieces or have large blown up beach balls strewn about your lawn.  For an adorable retro birthday look, you must take a look at our Mabel Pink Retro Onesie with floral shorts.  Don’t forget to add our Icy Blue Retro sunglasses to complete the look.  

5. Fairy & Butterfly Theme. Fairy and butterflies are beautiful creatures.  It is a wonderful theme with a fairy tale feel.  Have each guest decorate her own set of wings.  Dress up the décor with moss and wood stumps that have floating butterflies.  The moss and wood will give your party a fun nature storybook feel.  Add secret small doors around your party area so that a magical fairy may turn up.  Looking for the perfect outfit for your little one’s big day?  Check out Baby Girls Isabella First Birthday Lace Swing Birthday dress.  This adorable white dress is adorned with a gold script “one” and a hint of magic with her butterfly lace shoulder detail.  

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Wonderful Wintery Themed Birthday Parties

Wonderful Wintery Themed Birthday Parties

You may think all the fun themes for birthday parties have more of a summer appeal but you would be very wrong. There are some pretty “cool” themes you can do if your little one has a birthday in the winter. And they may even be more fun! If your stuck on a unique theme for your little one’s birthday, here are some wonderful wintery theme ideas for you:

 Unicorn Hot Cocoa Party. Have you ever seen a unicorn hot cocoa? Not only are they super pretty but they taste pretty good as well. This is a fun way to incorporate a warm hot drink in a unique party themed way. Decorate your party with pastel colored snowflakes and glitter. Check out our Magical and Mystifying Unicorn Floral headband. A perfect accessory for your birthday girl’s party.  














  1. Buffalo Print Woodland Animal Party. Buffalo print is all the rage these days.  It is a cozy print for this winter season and a great way to add some pop of color to your little one’s birthday party.  Use animals such as foxes, bears, bunnies and racoons for this special theme.  Also, incorporate some faux fur elements to your party.  This can be little stuffed animals in the goodie bags or furry ears to pass out to your party guests.  Add a buffalo print table covers with wood stump centerpieces.


Penguin Party. Looking for an adorably cute theme?  Penguins are the way to go!  Penguins is such a fun party theme because penguins convey fun and playful.  You can incorporate elements of black, white and pale blue colors.  Serve white powder donuts as tiny snowballs.  Wrap multiple shoeboxes in white paper and stack them together like ice igloos. Decorate with snowflakes and white balloons.  Don’t forget to check out our adorable knit wit wool penguin slipper boots

  1. Indoor Campout. While it may be too cold to camp outdoors, incorporating it as a birthday theme as an indoor campout is the next best thing.  Set up tepees around the room that all have pillows, blankets and anything else in them to make it cozy.  Show a fun kids movie and don’t forget to serve s’mores.  Add twinkling white Christmas lights from the ceiling to add more of a night time star gazing sky look.

     Winter Glitz and Glam. For the girl who loves things fancy, a winter glitz and glam theme is a perfect choice.  Glitter will be a staple at this party theme.  Dress up the event area with tons of white and blue Christmas lights and make sure that every element is dressed in blue and white glitter.  Check out our sliver glitter sparkle shoes.  These are the perfect shoes to wear for her big day.


      A Yummy Starbucks Birthday Party

      A Yummy Starbucks Birthday Party

      A Yummy Starbucks Birthday Party
      If you are looking for a unique birthday theme to do for your little ones next birthday a Starbucks Birthday is a great one to choose.  It’s not only a super delicious theme but it also an adorable one too.  Nearly everyone has a favorite Starbucks drink so this is a fun casual party that everyone can enjoy.  Here is some ideas to pull off a fun Starbucks Birthday party:

      White and Green.  Of course white and green are great color combinations for this party.  Easy to spot Starbucks colors!  You can use green table covers with white plates.  Decorate your home in green and white streamers and balloons.  Add in a bit of brown or taupe to bring out more of the coffee color into your party décor.

      Desserts that look like yummy tasty Starbucks drinks.  A cute twist on desserts is to make them look like yummy Starbucks drinks.  Have chocolate and yellow cake cupcakes with white frosting to look like the whipped cream on drinks.  Drizzle them with chocolate and add a small green straw to complete the look.  You can also use Starbucks paper bags that they use to hold their pastries in as bags that hold popcorn, pretzels and any other delicious snack.

      Remember to dress the part.  Check out our many cute and adorable Starbucks onesies.  Our A Latte to Handle Shirt is absolutely perfect for a Starbucks birthday party like this.  Add a cute green tutu and big sparkly bow to complete the look.  We also have cute Baby Coffee Frappuccino Starbucks leggings.  

      Cool party favors.  Some fun party favors to hand out to your guests are personalized Starbucks fashioned cups that have their own names on them.  Gift certificates to Starbucks are also a great party favor as well.  Guests will love to have this gift card on their next Starbucks run.  Another cute idea is getting cookies made that look like little Starbucks drinks.  
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