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Wonderful Wintery Themed Birthday Parties

Wonderful Wintery Themed Birthday Parties

You may think all the fun themes for birthday parties have more of a summer appeal but you would be very wrong. There are some pretty “cool” themes you can do if your little one has a birthday in the winter. And they may even be more fun! If your stuck on a unique theme for your little one’s birthday, here are some wonderful wintery theme ideas for you:

 Unicorn Hot Cocoa Party. Have you ever seen a unicorn hot cocoa? Not only are they super pretty but they taste pretty good as well. This is a fun way to incorporate a warm hot drink in a unique party themed way. Decorate your party with pastel colored snowflakes and glitter. Check out our Magical and Mystifying Unicorn Floral headband. A perfect accessory for your birthday girl’s party.  














  1. Buffalo Print Woodland Animal Party. Buffalo print is all the rage these days.  It is a cozy print for this winter season and a great way to add some pop of color to your little one’s birthday party.  Use animals such as foxes, bears, bunnies and racoons for this special theme.  Also, incorporate some faux fur elements to your party.  This can be little stuffed animals in the goodie bags or furry ears to pass out to your party guests.  Add a buffalo print table covers with wood stump centerpieces.


Penguin Party. Looking for an adorably cute theme?  Penguins are the way to go!  Penguins is such a fun party theme because penguins convey fun and playful.  You can incorporate elements of black, white and pale blue colors.  Serve white powder donuts as tiny snowballs.  Wrap multiple shoeboxes in white paper and stack them together like ice igloos. Decorate with snowflakes and white balloons.  Don’t forget to check out our adorable knit wit wool penguin slipper boots

  1. Indoor Campout. While it may be too cold to camp outdoors, incorporating it as a birthday theme as an indoor campout is the next best thing.  Set up tepees around the room that all have pillows, blankets and anything else in them to make it cozy.  Show a fun kids movie and don’t forget to serve s’mores.  Add twinkling white Christmas lights from the ceiling to add more of a night time star gazing sky look.

     Winter Glitz and Glam. For the girl who loves things fancy, a winter glitz and glam theme is a perfect choice.  Glitter will be a staple at this party theme.  Dress up the event area with tons of white and blue Christmas lights and make sure that every element is dressed in blue and white glitter.  Check out our sliver glitter sparkle shoes.  These are the perfect shoes to wear for her big day.


      Ice Cream Social Birthday Party

      Ice Cream Social Birthday Party

      Ice Cream Social Birthday Party

      There is not a more delicious theme out there than an Ice Cream Social Birthday party theme. It is a perfect theme for those warm summer birthday months. Everyone can get behind an awesome ice cream party – especially adults. Here is how you can pull off this scrumptious birthday theme:

      Ice cream bar please. This is probably the most important part of your ice cream social birthday party. An awesome ice cream bar is a must. Have multiple flavors of ice cream such as strawberry, vanilla and chocolate. Multiple toppings for your guests to choose and sprinkles definitely should be on the ice cream bar list. Have some root beer so that it is available for people who want to make root beer floats.
      Cute bowls and color spoons help add to the perfect the ice cream social party atmosphere.

      Looking for the perfect outfit? You can’t go wrong with our delicate lace leggings, and over the top tulle filled tutus! Add a dazzling pink & aqua tutu romper to complete the look. Another adorable outfit to check out is our Southern Belle Pink plaid swing dress set. It is perfect for any type of social event – including an ice cream social event!
      Ice cream inspired cupcakes. Did you know you can bake cupcakes right out of an ice cream cone? These are awesome cupcakes because not only are they cupcakes but they look like ice cream in a cone! Perfect for an ice cream birthday party! There are so many different ways to make this delicious dessert look amazing. It’s perfect dessert to have your little one blow their birthday candles on.

      Yummy décor. Decorating for an ice cream social party is a lot of fun. For cute décor take a bunch of white carnations and put them in a cone shaped vase. Add a red ball or a small red carnation to make it look like a cherry on top. It’s a floral display to look like an ice cream cone. Make ice cream shape garland to decorate your party with or use sprinkles as a way to mod podge a large number of the age they are turning.

      Tips for the perfect Smash Cake Photo Shoot

      Tips for the perfect Smash Cake Photo Shoot

      Tips for a Perfect Smash Cake Photo Shoot

      Smash cake photo shoots are adorable 1st birthday keepsakes. Capturing the moment your child has that first taste of pure joy and sugar is such a delicious treat! But how does one go about setting up the perfect smash cake photo shoot?
      Here are our best tips:


      The most fun decision about this photo shoot is the cute outfit your little one will wear. Remember, it’s going to get messy! So working with a “less is more” theme is definitely a must. All your little baby really needs is some bottoms and cute accessories. A tutu or cute diaper cover works wonderfully for this theme. Tutu rompers are utterly irresistible! Accessories with a birthday crown and some fancy jewelry. For boys some cute bottoms with suspenders are adorable. Add a cute bow tie for an extra special touch. (Be sure to checkout our birthday bowtique for tons of great ideas!)

      You can get just as fancy of a cake at the grocery store as you can from
      an expensive bakery. Remember that the point of this cake is to smash it and get dirty! So no need to shell out a bunch of cash. Pick up a plain one at the grocery store and dress it up with lots of sprinkles, toppings and whipped cream. Don’t forget the big #1 birthday candle. When decorating your smash cake is to have it match with what your baby is wearing.

      3. THINK ABOUT THE BACKGROUND. While most of the focus will be on your baby and their cake, you should consider what is in the background in the photo. There are several ideas you can use. An outside photo shoot is always a good choice. You can also have a cute birthday pendant banner in the background or even a bunch of balloons. The more festive the better!

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