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A Yummy Starbucks Birthday Party

A Yummy Starbucks Birthday Party

A Yummy Starbucks Birthday Party
If you are looking for a unique birthday theme to do for your little ones next birthday a Starbucks Birthday is a great one to choose.  It’s not only a super delicious theme but it also an adorable one too.  Nearly everyone has a favorite Starbucks drink so this is a fun casual party that everyone can enjoy.  Here is some ideas to pull off a fun Starbucks Birthday party:

White and Green.  Of course white and green are great color combinations for this party.  Easy to spot Starbucks colors!  You can use green table covers with white plates.  Decorate your home in green and white streamers and balloons.  Add in a bit of brown or taupe to bring out more of the coffee color into your party décor.

Desserts that look like yummy tasty Starbucks drinks.  A cute twist on desserts is to make them look like yummy Starbucks drinks.  Have chocolate and yellow cake cupcakes with white frosting to look like the whipped cream on drinks.  Drizzle them with chocolate and add a small green straw to complete the look.  You can also use Starbucks paper bags that they use to hold their pastries in as bags that hold popcorn, pretzels and any other delicious snack.

Remember to dress the part.  Check out our many cute and adorable Starbucks onesies.  Our A Latte to Handle Shirt is absolutely perfect for a Starbucks birthday party like this.  Add a cute green tutu and big sparkly bow to complete the look.  We also have cute Baby Coffee Frappuccino Starbucks leggings.  

Cool party favors.  Some fun party favors to hand out to your guests are personalized Starbucks fashioned cups that have their own names on them.  Gift certificates to Starbucks are also a great party favor as well.  Guests will love to have this gift card on their next Starbucks run.  Another cute idea is getting cookies made that look like little Starbucks drinks.  
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