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I'm Just here for the Cake - Best Cupcake Birthday!

I'm Just here for the Cake - Best Cupcake Birthday!

Best Cupcake Birthday Party Ever

Everyone loves cupcakes.  Not only are they absolutely delicious and the flavor ideas are endless, they are absolutely adorable too.  So what a better birthday party theme for your little one than a cupcake birthday party?!  Here are some awesome cupcake birthday party ideas:

Decorate a cupcake activity.  This is an awesome and fun activity to do at a birthday party.  Have some blank cupcakes and kids will enjoy icing them and choosing the toppings to put on them.  Hand out little boxes to boxed them up to take them home in.

Kid’s aprons.  A great party favor is having aprons for each kid to not only wear while working on their cupcake masterpieces but also to take home too!

Pin the Cherry on the Cupcake.  Just like pin the tail on the donkey, this fun game will be enjoyed by all your tiny guests.  Print up a large cupcake and everyone can take turns trying to pin a red balloon to the top of the cupcake.

Cupcake décor.  Some fun and unique cupcake décor for your cupcake birthday is using different colorful cupcake liners and stringing them together to make garland.  You can also use cupcake silhouettes as the background to your birthday invitations.

There are just so many cupcake birthday ideas you can use, and don't forget to dress your little cupcake up in an adorable cupcake outfit!!!

Tips for Celebrating Your Little Ones First Birthday

Tips for Celebrating Your Little Ones First Birthday

Tips for Celebrating Your Little Ones FIRST BIRTHDAY

You can hardly believe it has been nearly a year since your precious little one has turned your world upside down. While there were many sleepless nights and moments where you may have been asking yourself if you are way in over your head with this parenting gig, you have made it! There is now a bit of light at the end of that tunnel. So enjoy this momentous occasion of making it a year in parenthood.

Here are some tips to celebrate your LITTLE ONE'S FIRST BIRTHDAY

1. TIMING IS EVERYTHING. While you may want to plan your party for the evening, that may not be your baby’s best and playful time. Don’t feel guilty about hosting your party in the late morning or after a naptime late afternoon. Work around the time you think your baby will be in their best mood.

2. HOST THE PARTY AT HOME. Having the party in your home is great for baby because it is a place that they are most familiar and comfortable with. Plus, if they get overwhelmed and need to be put down for a nap, their sanctuary is just down the hall.

3. KEEP THE GUEST LIST SMALL. You may want to invite everyone you know to join in on celebrating this momentous occasion but you may want to think about having a smaller party. Too many strangers can be very overwhelming for a little one.

4. ENLIST A PHOTOGRAPHER. Have someone you trust be in charge of taking photographs for this party. By now you may have tons of pictures of your precious child but chances are you as the parent are probably only in a few. This is a perfect photo opportunity to make sure that you finally get in the picture!

5. PICK A THEME. Whether it is colors like pink and gold or a mermaid theme, the ideas are endless. Having a theme helps make your party more concise and put together. It will help with planning what decorations and what your baby’s first birthday cake will look like.

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