Summer 2017's Hottest Mini Fashionista Trends

Summer 2017's Hottest Mini Fashionista Trends
Summer 2017's Hottest Mini Fashionista Trends

Let’s talk about trends for summer of 2017. Summer is a great way for your little one to express their inner fashionista. The mix of colors and prints can really show off your child’s personality. It is always wise to give your little one a bit of ownership of what they choose themselves to wear. It helps them create their own individuality and expression. But it doesn’t hurt to put in some key pieces in their wardrobe to help give them a variety of options. Here are some the best trends this season:

1. BRIGHT FLORALS. While we saw a lot of neon bright colors last summer, we are now moving towards bright florals. The focus this year is on brightly colored floral blooms. Think bright pink peonies against a blue background. Bright florals are a fun print to wear for little girls. There is nothing more sweet and girly than a floral print dress.

2. URBAN UNISEX CASUAL. You can develop this look pretty easily by incorporating different pieces. Distressed jeans with a casual loose t-shirt that both boys and girls can wear. These pieces are best worn playing outside and the goal is keeping it casual chic. These are easy pieces that even your kids can match on their own and still walking away looking pretty put together. Keep the colors more earthy that are inspired by the blues of the ocean or the greens of the forest.

3. A TOUCH OF WILDLIFE. If you are looking for a bit of whimsy in your child’s wardrobe this summer, add a touch of wildlife. Think of fairytales and creatures out of their very own story books. You can incorporate this easily with wildlife motifs, a pair of fox ears on a headband or a bear print backpack. These are on trend to carry over though this fall season as well!

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  • Kim Omilusik

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