Where in the world has Ruffles been? Hello Kariya, Aichi, Japan

Where in the world has Ruffles been? Hello Kariya, Aichi, Japan
We LOVE ship days! Not only do we get to send out fabulous and adorable outfits to our fantastic customers, we also get to learn about new places all over the world!! 

Todays FURTHEST package shipped  8,203 kms to its final destination of KARIYA, JAPAN!

Located in the middle of Japan, Aichi was at the center of the Sengoku, or Warring States period. Many important samurai battles took place in Aichi, and many samurai heroes, including the nations’ Three Unifiers, Oda Nobunaga, Toyotomi Hideyoshi and Tokugawa Ieyasu were born here.  This small but bustling city is a population of  149,030 residents which is known for its Kariya Mando Festival  In a festival of Akiba Shrine which carries more than 230 years of history and is typically celebrated every year on the last Saturday in July. The day after the festival, you will find young men dancing to music played on flutes and drums while each carries on his shoulders a papier-mâché warrior doll called a "mando", each of which is finely crafted out of bamboo and Japanese paper, and is about 5 m tall and 60 kg in weight.

Sea side set, Ruffles & Bowties is so blessed to add KARIYA, Japan to all the places we have been!

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