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Article: I use to shop Affordable & Cute Infant Toddler Clothing On


I use to shop Affordable & Cute Infant Toddler Clothing On

Oh hello, Its nice to see you here! 

If you have stumbled upon this page, you were likely searching for JANE.COM
Did you come looking for Theo & Me Baby Boy Sleepers or Girls Character Theme Park Dresses? Perhaps you were looking for a baby shower gift or everyday affordable outfits for your little ones? 

If you have been looking for us here at Ruffles & Bowties Bowtique, home of Kryssi Kouture & Theo and Me, let us be the first to welcome you back! We have missed you! We weren't able to find you, you see, so we have hoped that this landing page might just bring us together again. 

November 17, 2023, closed its doors, or website should I say, unexpectedly without notice to its boutique owners or employees. Truthfully I don't know where to begin, it has been a whirlwind of emotions since we were so unexpectedly cut off from There are over 1000 sellers in the same position as us here at Ruffles & Bowties. left every one of us sellers in the dark, rather than being transparent about what was happening behind the scenes, they made the decision that they would completely remove our ability to obtain our property from their website and not have the respect to inform us of what was happening. We had to hear from previous employees and reddit discussion pages, that had ceased operations. This left us without our online shop, all of our customers, current & previous order information, inventory counts, product photos, product descriptions and ledgers. Everything we used on a daily basis was held within the seller portal on JANE.COM and now we had absolutely ZERO access to it. We couldn't even reach out to customers who were anticipating orders to let them know they would not be coming when so many were expecting our items for Christmas.

It wasn't only the intellectual property that Jane held from us, it was also monetary value. would take payments from their buyers with each sale, each sale, Jane kept a commission from its sellers and upon fulfilling our agreement, would release our portion of the sale, 14 days after the product was marked delivered.  For many of us, it had been months with outstanding payments, some sellers being owed over $100,000. 

The past weeks in what should be our most dedicated time of the year, are quiet, filled with heartache. Although there is hurt and many tears, we do know that this chapter closing is a new beginning for our brand. So we thank you for being here, for standing by and supporting us as we adapt to our new business structure. 

If you want to hear more about our story, you can listen to it here:

Looking for more of your favorite Sellers? Below is our curated list of many of the brands that left behind. 

Official NBC article can be found HERE 

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