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Summer Chic Trends for Your Little Trendsetter

Summer Chic Trends for Your Little Trendsetter

Summer is here and its time to celebrate this wonderful warm weather!  Summer is such a fun season to dress for.  The bright colors and the fun silhouettes, there are so many different styles to choose from.  When choosing ensembles, remember that in this summer weather, kids want clothes that they can run and chase adventure in.  Pick clothing that they can move in easily and remember that accessories can take a simple outfit to the next trendy level.

Stripes.  A classic print is a beautiful stripe.  Simple and chic, this is a trend that is always reoccurring and fun.  For a fun stripe look, take a look at our Kai Stripe Bow Romper.  Absolutely adorable and fun this romper is accented with a large bow on the front. 

Bright Florals. There is something about colorful florals that seem to really represent the summer fun.  Sweet and airy, this print is perfect for the season.  This trend is perfect for a summer picnic or an evening park concert.  Check out our Krissy Kouture Girls Bubblegum Blue Floral Print & Lace Applique Cap Sleeve.  With a beautiful bright blue accented with bright right pink roses, this piece is accented with lace applique on the bodice giving it a vintage feel.

Radiating Rompers. Rompers are so much fun to wear!  Not only are they super cute but they are great for all the running and adventures your little one will be sure to get in.  If you are looking for an adorable romper, check out Sweet Georgia Peach Floral Print Romper.  In an adorable peach soft print, this romper is perfect for your little trendsetter.  She will love this piece and feel like a movie star when you pair it with black sunglasses. 

White Lace.  A bit of lace is perfect for the summer season.  It gives an outfit a delicate and vintage feel.   Light and airy, white lace is a popular trend this season.  You must see our Annalise Vintage Grey Lace Bib Dress. Perfect for chasing garden fairies, this dress is a piece that is classic and timeless.

High Waist Ruffle Top Shorts. If you haven’t heard, the biggest trend this season is high waist ruffle top shorts.  While this is also an adult women’s fashion trend, it looks even more adorable on your little fashionista.  With a ruffle top and cinched at the waist, this trend is lots of fun.  Be sure to check out our Kryssi Kouture Original Samantha Champagne and Burgundy Girls Vintage Floral Big Bow Shorts.  With a summer floral print, this piece is adorably accented by a white large bow on the back.


  • Kim Omilusik
It’s Summer! Fun Family Traditions to Celebrate the Last Day of School

It’s Summer! Fun Family Traditions to Celebrate the Last Day of School

Can you believe the summer is nearly here?!  By now, your children and their classrooms are winding down.  Another year in the books and its always so surprising how fast it goes.  Having a summer tradition to kick off the season is a great way to make memories that will last forever.  Here are some ideas that you can do to celebrate the end of the year with your children:

End of School Interview.  These years fly fast and the great way to end the year is recapping the year and documenting this moment in time.  Sit down each kid and interview them for the year to make a memory book.  Ask them what their favorite thing to do was this year, what their favorite book was or describe their favorite memory. 

Summer Bucket List.  A great way to kick off the last day of school and the beginning of summer is sitting down with your family and creating a summer bucket list.  A summer bucket list is a list of all the things that you would like to do this summer.  It is a great way to create goals and plan your few months off.  Maybe you want to visit all of the parks in your city or maybe you want to learn how to play tennis.  The possibilities are endless!

Count Down to the Last Day of School with Acts of Kindness.  A fun way to celebrate the last day of school is to have a last day countdown.  You can do this with paper chains or with a written countdown.  Your kids will wake up every morning excited to rip off the day and see how many more days are left.  Each day your children will have a goal to go out and do something kind for someone.  Each day can be a suggestion like writing your teacher a thank you note or bringing the school janitor a candy bar treat to say thank you.  It teaches your children how important acts of kindness is and a fun way to countdown to summer.

Ice Cream for Dinner.  What a treat!  Ice cream for dinner?!  This is a tradition that everyone will love – even you.  Sure, its important that we always eat healthy and get our veggies in but it’s okay for one day out the year to let that all go out the window.  Celebrate the last day of school with an ice cream bar with all the toppings they could possibly dream of!  This is a tradition that they will remember most about their childhood.

  • Kim Omilusik

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