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Make a Dress-Up Trunk for Your Kids

Make a Dress-Up Trunk for Your Kids

Imagination is so important to a child’s development.  It is the gateway to creativity and being able to solve problems with creative thinking.  It's an important skill that really needs to be fostered and encouraged.    It is the door to possibilities, where things that were impossible become possible.  When children are able to use their imagination skills they are using so many developmental skills such as role planning, gross motor skills and recognizing emotions.  A great way to foster imagination is with a dress up truck.  Here is how you can make a dress-up trunk for your kids.

Finding the perfect “dress up trunk.”  There are many things you can use to create a dress up trunk.  You can use a plastic bin and cover it up with a fancy fabric using mod podge.  You can also create a dress-up trunk by using an old TV stand and installing a clothing rack.  There are so many great ideas you can find on Pinterest. 

Where to get Costumes.  There are some favorites that I had to purchase when I was filling my child’s dress up trunk, such as our Carrie Gorgeous Princess Dress.  She loves anything princess or mermaid. 

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But I also wanted to make sure there was more diversity in her costume trunk so that she could be whoever she wanted to be.  I always scope out the clearance racks after Halloween is over.  I also scope out thrift stores as well to build up her collection.

Don’t forget the accessories.  Accessories are a must!  The jewelry and hats are such a fun way to complete an outfit.  There are many of my old hats and shoes that I love to hand down to my children that I can add to the dress up trunk.  But I also make sure that it is fitted with a handyman belt and swords for fighting dragons.  You never know when those accessories become necessary.  Our favorite dress-up accessory currently is our Magical and Mystifying Unicorn Horn Headband.

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Easy on and easy off.  When choosing costumes to go in the dress up trunk, I make sure that all items are easy to get on and off.  I specifically chose nothing with lots of buttons as those can be pretty difficult for tiny fingers.  I will have a couple of items that have one or two large buttons or with zippers as this is a great gross motor skill to practice.  I attribute their dress-up play in their ability to put their own winter jackets and snow pants on themselves.  These are important skills to have, especially if they are entering kindergarten this year.   

Go ahead and let her imagination take away while exploring the day!

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Keeping Kids Cool This Summer

Keeping Kids Cool This Summer

It’s a hot one this summer and staying inside to beat the heat is not the best plan.  When they are inside the get completely stir crazy and it’ll end up driving you even crazier.  If you don’t have a pool and you don’t live by the lake, how do you keep your kids cool this summer?  Here are some fun tips to beat the summer heat.

Water Balloon Fight Party.  There is nothing better than a good old fashion water balloon fight.  They are a staple of favorite summer memories.  Load up as many water balloons that you can and hid them in plastic bins all around the backyard.  If you want to really go all out for this water fight party, add in the squirt guns.  Keep large bins of water around the backyard as well to so kids can easily refill their squirt guns.  You will be amazed at how fast kids can go through water balloons.  The water guns help keeps the activity going longer.
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Bike or Outdoor Toy wash.  This may seem more like a chore to you but you will be amazed how much fun kids have with this activity.  Set up a fun “car wash” in the driveway complete with a water hose and soapy buckets of water.  Have your kids put clothes they can get wet in and tell them to give their toys a car wash.  This will not only keep them busy for quite some time but you’ll walk away with some pretty clean toys.  Reward them with popsicles after.
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Toys and Ice Blocks.  This activity takes a bit of planning the night before.  Take small toys and freeze them in a block of water.  When they are completely frozen, take them outside and have your kids use plastic tools to help chisel out their toys.  They can pretend they are famous archeologists digging and making a historic discovery.
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Yummy Smoothies.  The best thing about summers is creating fun smoothies together.  Not only are they super delicious and they cool you off but they are also great at hiding nutrients that they need.  Try a strawberry banana smoothie and hide some spinach in there.  You can get your kids to eat their vegetables without them even realizing it!  Another great thing to do with smoothies is by putting them into popsicle molds and freezing them.  You won’t feel guilty about giving your kids this yummy treat when its hot outside.  Super tasty and healthy too!

  • Kim Omilusik
Pack Like A Pro for Summer Vacation

Pack Like A Pro for Summer Vacation

Vacation is finally a time to unwind and relax with your family.  But the months, weeks and days leading up to leaving can be quite stressful.  Trying to figure out all the things you will need and all the things you worry about forgetting can give anyone some anxiety.  There is also the worry about baggage costs and the weight of your luggage if you are flying.  Here are some tips to pack like a pro for your next summer vacation.

Make a list as soon as possible.  Don’t just make a list the day before you leave but start it the moment that you book your trip.  I always keep my list on my phone.  There will be times when I’m at the store or at the library where I will suddenly remember something that I just can’t forget to bring.  If you keep the list on your phone then you can save it so that at the end of your trip when you are packing to go home, you can go through it to make sure you haven’t left anything behind.  I always worry that I will forget my child’s favorite blankie and this is one thing I don’t want to forget!  I can kiss naps and calming nights rests goodbye.  She loves her My Blanket Adventure Swaddle So Soft Blanket – especially when we are on a great adventure! 

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My Little Adventure So Soft Blanket

Roll your clothes.  When you fold your clothes and pack them together, by the time you get to your destination and unpack, you realize that all of your items are all wrinkly!  Then you have to spend more time than you would like ironing all the wrinkles out.  To prevent this from happening roll your clothes when you pack.  Not only does this reduce wrinkling but it also reduces bulk.  You will be amazed at how much more you can fit in your suitcase.

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Cross Pack Your Family’s Luggage.  If you are traveling by air, there is always the worry that the airlines may lose at least one of your luggage.  To give you some peace of mind, cross pack you families luggage so that should that happen, that person with the lost luggage at least has one extra pair of clean clothes.  You can also keep an extra outfit on everyone’s carryon. 

Keep entertainment & snacks accessible.  If you are traveling with young kids and the travel time is quite long, make sure that you pack entertainment such as tablets or coloring books as well as snacks in a place that is easily accessible.  This can all be put in on your carry one.  Remember to also put extra clothes for your children in this bag as well just in case there are accidents.  Pack these extra clothes in Ziploc bags.  That way if there is an accident, you can lock up the mess in the Ziploc bag and you don’t have to worry about it getting anything else wet or messy.

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Creative Outdoor Photo Shoot Ideas

Creative Outdoor Photo Shoot Ideas

Having an outdoor photo shoot can be absolutely stunning.  The way the light can be captured can really take your portraits to the next level.  The best time to capture really great lightning is either at dusk or at dawn, just when the sun is coming up or down.  It will give your photo a soft magical feel.  While taking photos at the park is nice, you may be looking to do something different.  Here are some unique ideas to make your outdoor photo shoot unique and magical.

Lemonade Stand.  For an adorable look and a rustic feel, a lemonade stand photo shoot is an adorable idea.  Set up a little stand with a 25-cent sign and stray lemons strewn about.  Add some sunflower and baby’s breath flowers in a mason jar too.  Don’t forget the cups and lemonade glass jug!  This photoshoot will be adorably cute.  Looking for the perfect outfit?  Check out our Sunshine Yellow Seersucker Romper.  This piece will be perfect for the theme.                                                              


Outdoor Bubble Bath.  There is nothing cuter than a baby in a bath.  Having a baby in the bubble bath outdoors makes an adorable photo shoot.  You can use a large white ceramic bowl or a large metal bin. Fill it with lots of bubbles and add some flowers to it.  Have bubble machine running behind it to create a more fun atmosphere.  For a beautiful touch, add our Dusty Rose Floral Head Wreath Baby Halo.

Chalk Art.  Chalk art is a unique way to do photo shoots.  There is a whimsical feel to them.  Have the artist of the family create chalk art that will inspire your little one’s imagination.  Draw a bunch of balloons gathered together lifting way in the summer sky and have your child lay on the cement pretending to hold onto the bunch of balloons.  Another idea is drawing a mushroom where your child can pretend to sit on with colored wings on her back reading a book.  The ideas are endless!

Wild One.  A fun and feral photo shoot, have your little one run around in nature with dirty feet and wild hair.  Have her add on a floral crown with a summer dress.   The theme is being wild with nature.  Add a tree tent with a spot where a bunch of arrows and bow can be placed.  Hang feathers on tree branches where the photo shoot will take place. 


Princess in the woods.  For an enchanted photo shoot, dress your little one up in her best princess dress and take pictures of her out in nature.  This will give your photo shoot a fairy tale type of feel.  Add a basket of flowers or even a fake bird that she can hold in the palm of her hand.  For an even more adorable look add a large fairy tale book that she can be photographed reading. For a fairytale dress that looks like it is stepped out of a dream, you must see our Kryssi Kouture Parisian Princess Lace and tulle Tutu Skirt.


 Photography by Lisa Kean 

  • Kim Omilusik
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